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Marilyn Butler, Supervisor
HomeCall Home Health
Stillwater, OK

Dear Ms. Butler:

I am very delighted to send my letter of high commendation to your organization for the excellent help afforded to my mother and me during the past several weeks. At 98 years of age, my mother was overwhelmed by pneumonia and the death of her 100-year old sister in early September. The strong antibiotics administered to fight the pneumonia were too much for her frail system and the bizarre side-effects really took her down.

When she decided to die, and stopped eating, drinking and taking meds, I was in great need of some professional help. Our doctor highly recommended HomeCall Home Health and thus began the ministry of five of your BEST people! June, Jennifer and Olivia were the attending RNs and gave Mother gentle, personable but professional medical help. They gave me much-needed advice of things to get at the store to bring active relief and comfort for the patient. They also gave me (and my husband) good old common sense advice as to how to handle Motherís erratic behavior! I think it was Jennifer who even volunteered to give my husband and me our flu shots because we had missed the appointed day at the local Senior Center due to our round-the-clock care of my mother. June even kept in touch with me by phone to see how things were going and if I needed anything more. In other words, your nurses went above and beyond to make this rough period more tolerable for our family.

Linda Anderson was a regular angel-in-attendance, encouraging my mother (and me!) to stay with her carefully chosen exercises that would strengthen atrophied muscles. I am totally convinced that Lindaís guiding hands, her sincere conversations, and her faithful visits made all the difference in my motherís physical recovery. Mother has been able to resume her mobility around the house and has even gone out with us to eat a couple of times. Getting back to her beloved church-going is next on her mobility plan!

I must also tell you that Sherry, dear Sherry, is a warm and wonderful aide. She quickly befriended my mother and made bath-time and hair-washing time the highlights of my motherís day! Sherry always came well-equipped and did not rush through anything. She was gentle and caring and thorough.

Ms. Butler, I feel that Mother and I have made five wonderful new friends in the women provided by HomeCall Home Health and we are forever grateful for their availability and gracious ministry. Thank you for choosing such excellent people to serve our community. May God continue to bless your work and workers!

A patientís family member
*Used by permission. Patientís personal information has been removed in order to protect the patient and her familyís privacy.


Last updated: 1-12-2010